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  • ANAVAR10
    A​navar 10 mgs low dose anavar for new users, female trainees or as part of a recovery cycle. Extremely mild and still very anabolic, encouraging lean mass   ..
  • ANAVAR50
    Anavar is the highest anabolic lowest androgenic oral steroid of all  orals. Very safe and highly effective. Theres no one that shouldnt take this. Low toxicity, high anabolic, low androgenic. Brilliant all round steroid. Gentech is the best anavar made in uk, they really nail this product. Hig..
    A strong and high quality aromatase inhibitor. Basically stops your body converting testosterone into oestrogen, which happens a lot with some steroids. Mainly tren, anadrol etc ..
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    Cialis is a long lasting labido increasing drug, similar to viagra but not so strong to act, Lastng a lot longer (up to 24 hours). This is for a dirty weekend really more than an evening.  ..
    Quite simply a mix of deca and testosterone ethanthenate. For bulking, a basic cycle in a bottle. 500mgs in one ml makes it easy to take high dose or for beginners who want to take the minimum amount per injection. Simple effective mix of the best bulking steroids ..
  • Equipoise also called boldenone is a long ester injectable steroid for long bodybulding cycles and clean keepable gains. Generally a more advanced users cycle, For bodybuilders and athletes.     ..
    Nolvadex is an anti oestrogen tablet, used most commonly as part of a cycle to prevent high oestrogen complications like man boobs and such while using dbol or testosterone.     ..
  • NPP
    NPP or nandrolone phenylpropionate is a fast acting deca, low toxicity and low aromatisation. Great for growth​. Adminster every other day for best results as its much faster acting than standard deca ..
    To aid fertility, mood and libido intra and post cycle, also increases the availability of testosterone. Making you more anabolic. For use during cycle ..
    Gentech ripfast is a blend of fast acting testosterone, trenbolone and masterone for fast results in strength and lean mass. Great for a cutting cycle. Fast acting so inject every other day. PCT recommended ..
    Sustanon is one of the original blends ever made so its history is well documented, a great tried and tested injectable drug. Multiple esters for sustained release. Low dose is used for TRT (Testosterone replacement therapy). Great all round drug from beginners to advanced     ..
  • TEST400
    Test 400 is a high strength long acting version of sustanon. 400mg per ml so high concentration. PCT recommended ..
    ​Test c is for long cycles, it becomes active 3 weeks after injection so ideal to run with a front load, which means a faster acting compound taken at the same start time is recommend so something is active as the test c takes time to kick in. Examples include dbol, anavar, or rip-fast mixes &nbs..
    Think everyone has heard of this product now, its for powerful erections within 20-30 minutes. Go have fun ;) ..